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Dungeons and Dragons character by BlondeFromHell Dungeons and Dragons character :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 1 0 WIP - Bendy and the Ink Machine OC by BlondeFromHell WIP - Bendy and the Ink Machine OC :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 0 0 WIP - Bendy and the Ink Machine by BlondeFromHell WIP - Bendy and the Ink Machine :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 7 0
A Happy Accident 5 - Swap!Papyrus x Reader
Chapter 5 – You Like to Cuddle
It felt like your face was on fire, and it might as well have been from the orange clouding your vision!
Using him as a pillow was one thing!
As you laid, resting your (h/c) head on Papyrus’s somehow soft chest, you thought back to the events of last night and how you might have ended up in the predicament. First, you watched five movies with everyone until most of them fell asleep, then Blake took Mina to bed and headed off to bed himself. Next, you took Lily to bed after talking with Muffet briefly. The last thing you remember was getting ready for bed and the falling asleep with your back to the skeleton you were currently using at a pillow.
Alright, so none of that answered how you ended up laying almost on top of Papyrus, but it did answer why you were in the bed with him.
Suddenly, a memory smash
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 2
A Happy Accident 4 - Swap!Papyrus x Reader
Chapter 4 – Movie Night
WHAT?! You internally screamed as you felt your jaw fall open and stared at the orange hoodie wearing skeleton.
“you alright there, shorty?” Papyrus asked in a slightly mocking tone, only loud enough for you to hear.
“What?” You said and tried to take a step away from the skeleton, but he stepped closer to you.
“careful, you might get wet,” he hummed and the turned towards Blake with a slightly forced smile. “blake, right? it’s nice to meet you. muffet’s told me a skeleTON about you. she said you’re a chill guy.”
“Thanks! Everyone is inside! Come on!” Blake said excitedly and rushed back inside of his home. It was a two story, including a basement, and from what you could remember, it had a mini theater and a spare room in the basement. That is where the party would be held.
“He didn’t even notice the puns… how dense can he be…? Those puns we
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 0
A Happy Accident 3 - Swap!Papyrus x Reader
A/N: Please go back and re-read Chapters 1 and 2. I changed a few things in those chapter. Thank you for reading! Enjoy!
Chapter 3 – Rainstorms and Umbrellas
You glared at Blake as he went on and on about the pink haired girl he had you help him flirt with. As he blabbered on, Mettaton, who came over to talk with you in your dorm on the college campus (it’s a holiday, so no classes for a couple of days), sat/hovered next to you, awkwardly glancing at you now and then. At some point, both you and Mettaton exchanged a glance, as if wishing someone would save you both from Blake’s consistent chatter. All he seemed to be interested in was talking about how he and the pink-haired girl were now dating, how cute she was, how nice she was, how their first date went, and so on.
You did, however, understand what Blake was saying. He couldn’t get the girl out of his head, even though they are now dating, and you found your thoughts wondering back to a week ago w
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 0
Blonde Fraumell by BlondeFromHell Blonde Fraumell :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 0 Becoming a Monster by BlondeFromHell Becoming a Monster :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 7 Freddy Head-  stage 2 by BlondeFromHell Freddy Head- stage 2 :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 0 9
A Happy Accident 2 - Swap!Papyrus x Reader
Chapter 2 – Honeysuckle
In the small opening in front of you, a skeleton in an orange hoodie and brown cargo shorts laid, leaning against a large oak tree. The skeleton appeared to be sleeping, considering their eye sockets were closed and their chest was raising and lowering steadily. You stared, in awe of the sleeping monster when a gentle breeze rustled the leaves and grass of the area and carried the warm scent of the honeysuckle. The soft shadows and various shades of red, orange, white, yellow, and pink danced across the ivory bone of the orange clad skeleton.
The image almost took your breath away, and you wished it did when you felt the familiar itch in the back of your throat and nose. A sneeze was coming and you were more than positive your normally loud scream of a sneeze, would certainly waken the sleeping monster. As soon as you tried to pull your flu back onto your face and muffle the sneeze, it burst from your chest.
A loud cry rang through the otherwise silent for
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 6 3
A Happy Accident 1 - Swap!Papyrus x Reader
Chapter 1 – Flowers and Monsters
Spring, the season of color, warmth, and the growing of life that died during Fall and Winter. All sorts of flowers bloomed during those few months of Spring, such as tulips, cherry blossom trees, daffodils, roses, and so much more. Despite all of those beautiful flowers blooming with such vibrant colors, many people were trapped inside because of one common issues; allergies.
You were among those unfortunate humans, forever cursed.
For as long as you could remember, you had had allergies so bad that you usually had to stay inside. That was as true as it was back then as it is now. You already had to be inside for your college classes, which lasted long hours every other day (mon/wed/fri). During spring, it was almost a death sentence to be outside even when class was not going on, and you weren’t even allergic to the tree pollen or flower pollen! You were allergic to a weed for crying out loud, not the wonderful flowers.
That demonic plant
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 7 2
An Unexpected Attraction p.2
Five months had passed since Cyberknight met Blitzwing in the forest. After the first meeting, the Autobot femme and the Decepticon mech continued to visit one another in secret in the forest far from the city. Their relationship bloomed and Cyberknight and Blitzwing became closer, despite being enemies.
Which brings us to the present as ion shots fly across the deserted canyon miles from the city. Shouts, cries of pain, angered battle cries, and various explosions filled the once silent canyon, droplets of energon, the lifeblood of Cybertronians, and bits of metal mixing with the minerals of the earths. The ground shook from the force of the collisions of the fighters, the Autobots and the Decepticons.
Bumblebee, fast and full of banter, sped across the field of battle and circled around Lugnut multiple times. Meanwhile, Bulkhead hurled his wrecking ball at the massive Decepticon with such a force, that is knocked Lugnut back a couple feet.
On the other side of the battle field stood
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 26
An Unexpected Attraction
Pairing: Cyberknight x Blitzwing
Universe: Transformers Animated
For: :iconfelicitydragonrider:
By: :iconBlondeFromHell:
An Unexpected Attraction
‘How in Primus’s name did I end up on Earth with possibly the craziest Autobots and Decepticons?!’ The black armored femme thought as she sat in the med-bay, glaring at the medic, Ratchet.
The said medic noticed her glare and returned it. “Cyberknight, glaring at me won’t help your situation,” The old medic grumbled and waved his servo at Cyberknight as she groaned at his dismissiveness. “Why not, I don’t know, go outside? Introduce yourself to the humans or whatever. Do anything other than glare at the back of MY head.”
With a heavy and annoyed sigh, Cyberknight stood up and walked out of the Autobot base and into the human city. Many humans stared at the newly arrived Autobot, others merely ignored her and went about their day. Cyberknight, on the other hand, did not like the constant fe
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 1 36
Making a Freddy Fazbear head... by BlondeFromHell Making a Freddy Fazbear head... :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 1 2 I am the Blonde From Hell by BlondeFromHell I am the Blonde From Hell :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 1 0 Never look through the Shattered looking Glass by BlondeFromHell Never look through the Shattered looking Glass :iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 3 5

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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Greetings and welcome to my page! The name's Blonde (silent e) and it's nice to meet you!




Here is a list of fandoms I am either apart of or have an interest in (in no specific order):
- Five Nights at Freddy's
- Transformers
- Dragon Age
- Team Fortress 2
- Mass Effect
- Undertale
- and a few minor ones
Have any you'd recommend? Tell me down in comments!


Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism
Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Don't you love being licked by Silver Fang? :XD:
Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism
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Tagged by: XxNever-SurrenderxX 
1. Write the rules.
2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you.
3. Make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. Don't just say "You're tagged if you read this".
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

   1) Do you like Transformers? If so, what are your favorite gens/universes?
I love Transformers! I adore TF!Prime, but TF!Animated was actually the first time I ever watched Transformers. As such, I draw my characters in a TFA inspired style, though I have developed my own style recently :)
   2) What's your favorite creative thing to do?
I love drawing, writing, and hands-on-crafts (like sewing), but of the three, I think crafts are the most fun. I love being able to fold, sew, push, etc. the materials around. Recently, I’ve begun making a Freddy Fazbear head for a FNAF 2 Jeremy Fitzgerald cosplay.
   3) How many fan-characters/OCs have you created?
Primus’s sake… I lost count after 50… I don’t even know how many main OCs I have…
   4) Have you fallen head over heels for a fictional character? If so, who?
No comment -_-
   5) Have you seen all of the Aladdin movies?
I think I have? I’m not sure. How many are there?
   6) What's the last song you listened to?
“Our Little Horror Story” Techno Remix by Techno Cinema (Original is by Aviators)
   7) Who's your favorite YouTuber?
I cannot say :( I can’t pick a fav
   8) If you could choose your own superpower, what would it be?
Whatever the word is for being able to move objects with your mind :) It’d be so cool and I wouldn’t have to physically carry that monster of a backpack
   9) How computer-savvy are you?
   10) What's your worst habit?
I have no idea O_O
   11) What's the last movie you watched?
The Lorax (re-watched it not too long ago). The last anime I watched was Blue Exorcist
   12) Have you ever seen the anime Psycho Pass?
   13) Can you tell I kind of bullshitted these questions?


Here are my 13 questions:
1. Favorite video game?
2. The classic and most hated question: Favorite color?
3. Main OC? Doesn’t matter for what fandom
4. Why did you pick your username on DeviantART?
5. What’s your preferred art medium?
6. Do you play Team Fortress 2? If so, what class do you n?
7. Favorite holiday?
8. What do you think of puns? :D
9. Do you cosplay? What cosplays have you done, if yes?
10. Favorite food?
11. Can you tell I can’t think of anymore “creative” questions?
12. Favorite animal?
13. What was the last deviation you favorited on DeviantART?

I’m the not the type to tag people, I apologize, rules. If you wish to do this, then have at it!

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