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A Happy Accident 2 - Swap!Papyrus x Reader
Chapter 2 – Honeysuckle
In the small opening before you laid a skeleton in an orange hoodie and olive green cargo shorts. The skeleton, with their eye sockets closed, leaned against the trunk of a large oak as a gentle breeze carried the sweet scent of honeysuckle to you. Red, pink, white, yellow, and orange danced around the resting monster, casting soft shadows over their bare skull.
You stared in awe of the beautiful image, but a familiar sensation in the back of your nose and throat demanded your attention. You were about to sneeze, and prevent that, you quickly tried to stifle the coming loud outburst, but you were too late.
With a loud cry, you sneezed. You eyes had automatically closed, but as soon as you opened them again, you were staring down at your feet, standing upon the gentle brown of the earthen soil.
Mortification and horror filled you immediately filled your body as you slowly raised your eyes to where the skeleton laid. As you did so, you prayed to whatever god
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 3
A Happy Accident 1 - Swap!Papyrus x Reader
Chapter 1 – Flowers and Monsters
Spring, the season of color, gentle warmth, rain, and the growing of life that disappeared during Fall and Winter. All sorts of flowers bloomed during those few months, such as tulips, crocus, cherry blossom trees, daffodils, roses, and so much more. Despite all of those beautiful flowers blooming with incredible colors, you were always trapped inside of a building, and not just because of college classes.
It’s just… No matter how much you loved Spring, you could never stand being outside on most days. You had a good reason, really. You were allergic to the pollen of a certain plant, which bloomed all throughout spring. That certain plant is known as ragweed, an ugly little weed that many other humans have allergies to. And because of that stupid, freaking weed, you can’t be outside for too long or else you’re a sneezing mess, causing you to miss seeing the most beautiful flowers you’d ever seen!
HECK! You had to star
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 4 0
An Unexpected Attraction p.2
Five months had passed since Cyberknight met Blitzwing in the forest. After the first meeting, the Autobot femme and the Decepticon mech continued to visit one another in secret in the forest far from the city. Their relationship bloomed and Cyberknight and Blitzwing became closer, despite being enemies.
Which brings us to the present as ion shots fly across the deserted canyon miles from the city. Shouts, cries of pain, angered battle cries, and various explosions filled the once silent canyon, droplets of energon, the lifeblood of Cybertronians, and bits of metal mixing with the minerals of the earths. The ground shook from the force of the collisions of the fighters, the Autobots and the Decepticons.
Bumblebee, fast and full of banter, sped across the field of battle and circled around Lugnut multiple times. Meanwhile, Bulkhead hurled his wrecking ball at the massive Decepticon with such a force, that is knocked Lugnut back a couple feet.
On the other side of the battle field stood
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 2 13
An Unexpected Attraction
Pairing: Cyberknight x Blitzwing
Universe: Transformers Animated
For: :iconfelicitydragonrider:
By: :iconBlondeFromHell:
An Unexpected Attraction
‘How in Primus’s name did I end up on Earth with possibly the craziest Autobots and Decepticons?!’ The black armored femme thought as she sat in the med-bay, glaring at the medic, Ratchet.
The said medic noticed her glare and returned it. “Cyberknight, glaring at me won’t help your situation,” The old medic grumbled and waved his servo at Cyberknight as she groaned at his dismissiveness. “Why not, I don’t know, go outside? Introduce yourself to the humans or whatever. Do anything other than glare at the back of MY head.”
With a heavy and annoyed sigh, Cyberknight stood up and walked out of the Autobot base and into the human city. Many humans stared at the newly arrived Autobot, others merely ignored her and went about their day. Cyberknight, on the other hand, did not like the constant fe
:iconblondefromhell:BlondeFromHell 1 36
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Greetings and welcome to my page! The name's Blonde (silent e) and it's nice to meet you!




Here is a list of fandoms I am either apart of or have an interest in (in no specific order):
- Five Nights at Freddy's
- Transformers
- Dragon Age
- Team Fortress 2
- Mass Effect
- Undertale
- and a few minor ones
Have any you'd recommend? Tell me down in comments!


Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism
Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Don't you love being licked by Silver Fang? :XD:
Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism
Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism Silver Fang Lick Icon: Commission by PastelMechanism
Yo! Blonde Here! I'm in the mood for some role-plays if you guys want.

Here's the rules (sorry guys):
- You can only control your character(s)
- You cannot harm or act outlandishly rude unless that is your character's personality (I have met OCs like that)
- All "out of character" (OOC) talk during a role play must be in -> ( )   ->   I usually do two on each side

Let's have fun with this! :D   ((One more thing, I do use many transformer terms for their body parts, first each of those, I will put what they are after the word = audios (ears) as an example))

Here are my characters:
Silver Fang Silver Fang by BlondeFromHell
- femme (female)
- She also goes by as "Fang"
- She would be considered 24 years old
- She is neutral = she doesn't hate either faction, but will not join either
- She is a former medic that reprogrammed herself to become a front-liner (the equivalent to Grimlock in TF:RID2015 and Wheeljack in TF:P)
- gold/yellow optics
- armor is mainly an emerald green, black, and grey
- beneath her armor, her "skin" is white
- she is slightly shorter than Transformers:Animated Bumblebbe
- She transforms into a small emerald green car (still need to update her vehicle form)
- has elbow spikes and sharpened digits (fingers)
- friendly
- stubborn
- hates being called short (will become violent, but if she will not harm your OC unless you want to see what Fang does to those who call her short = she throws them through a wall)
- quite smart from her medic programming, but is still a lovable idiot (meaning she'll fall easily into traps like a pitfall :XD:)
- she only has one fear (who will not be making any sort of appearance unless you guys want to meet him)
- cautious and nervous around scientists/medics and avoids science labs/medbays
- blunt
- adores Spintrap like a daughter (Spin is also possibly the only one who could really calm Fang down)
Important info:
- can use virtually anything as a weapon, including other transformers, if she can pick it up
- able to pick up and throw a bot (femme or mech) that is about 5 times her size
- was experimented on, and thus has be energy blades (fear originates from this and from the Doctor, who will not appear in any of her role-plays)
- her weapons are all melee, no ranged (can't aim for crap, even at point blank range :XD:)
Main Weapons:
- the energy blades in her arms, which are hidden beneath the golden plating on her arms (she does go to this on instinct, but will avoid actually fighting with it most of the time - these are the product of the experimentation's done on her)
- the skirt thing on her transforms into two large swords that are connect by a chain (once of her favorite weapons)

Pheonixcry Pheonixcry by BlondeFromHell
- a femme
- also goes by Phee
- 25 years old in human years (the elder of the twins)
- Her twin brother is Griffincry (I can role-play as both if you want)
- she abandoned the Decepticons and joined the Autobots
- She worked as a weapon-smith, but is now a front-liner (she still makes weapons)
- optics are red
- armor is dark green, flame orange, with little black and grey
- "skin" is a light grey
- the Decepticon insignia on her shoulder has scratches on it (did it herself to show she is no longer a 'con, but won't get rid of it completely - sees it as a reminder)
- around the same height as TF:A Prowl (if not a tad shorter)
- CANNOT transform at all, but she was a Cybertronian jet
- she does not think very hard on anything
- blunt
- likes to make others smile (hates to see a depressed bot)
- easily confused
- Cheerful
- willing to kill to protect Grif (Silver Fang won't allow that)
Important info:
- can no longer transform or use anything that used her t-cog (like using her integrated weapons or subspace pockets = can't use those anymore)
- can't exactly remember how to create weapons, but everything she built in the past is permanently hardwired into her entire body, thus she can build any of those weapons  based solely on instinct (causing her to enter a type of tranquil)
- WILL sit on another bot if they are being cranky and a butt (hehe)
- She’ll try anything to make a sad bot happy (but will become sad if nothing she has works)
- Griffincry can speak to Phee through their connected sparks (from being twins), but she can't
Main Weapons:
- a revolver with different types of bullets (explosive to paralyzing to normal ones) - (it's in an actual holster on her hip)
- a spiked mace (looks like a ball with a loop. The loops expands into the handle of the mace and at the same time the spikes come out)

Griffincry Griffincry Profile
~Designation: Griffincry
~Nickname: Grif
~Gender: mech
~Age: 25 in human terms (younger twin)
~Family: Pheonixcry, twin sister
~Faction: Neutral, betrayed the Decepticons
~Occupation: Armor Smith (see notes)
~Function: Engineer
~Optics: red, right optic is damaged (Read notes)
~Paint job: blue and black, light grey skin (Decepticon insignia on right shoulder)
~Height: tall V on
~Alt. Mode: Cybertronian jet (same jet as Phee)
- Complex mind (see notes)
- secretive (mainly about his personal life, i.e. Phee)
- hates Autobots
- kind in some cases
- slightly insane
- loves Phee, but likes to mess with her and use her to test his armor
~Interesting facts:
- he's very gentle (habit picked up from Pheonixcry)
- really hard to get drunk
- proud of the armor he makes
- great memory
- tries to make his friends happy if they're sad
- He can telepathically speak to Phee through their connected sparks, but she can't
- Long ago, Grif used to call Phee "Pheonix" (I know i

- a mech (male)
- also goes by Grif
- 25 years old in human years (the younger of the twins)
- his twin sister is Pheonixcry
- he is a Decepticon (helped Phee escape from them, though)
- he is an armor smith (built both his and Phee's armor)
- an Engineer
- optics are red (but the right optic is permanently damaged and darkened)
- armor is dark green, deep blue, with little black and grey
- "skin" is a light grey
- Decepticon insignia on his shoulder (no scratches)
- slightly taller than TF:A Prowl
- transforms into a Cybertronian jet
- thinks critically (opposite of Phee)
- secretive (mainly about personal life)
- rarely kind (tends to be a grumpy butt)
- slightly insane (after past incidents, he's barely holding his mind together = Phee is the only thing keeping him sane)
- a bit of a bully to Phee (but cares for her dearly)
- willing to kill to protect Phee (Silver Fang won't allow that)
Important info:
- he can be kind if he wants
- extremely proud of any armor he can create (but those are few an rare -> most of them become bombs and blow up (Phee knows this too well))
- nearly perfect memory
- able to telepathically speak to Phee through their twin sparks (she can't reply)
- on rare occasions, he will try to cheer a bot up
Main Weapons:
- A flamethrower that works as a blowtorch as well
- a hammer which Phee built for him (a spike deploys from the the hammer head to create a deadly weapon, and it is much heavier than Grif thinks)

Spintrap SpinTrap by BlondeFromHell
- femme
- also goes by Spin
- 17 years old (a little baby! :D)
- works as a neutral freelancer who gather whatever information her client wants, be it 'con or 'bot (but only for good reasons - Silver Fang would disapprove otherwise)
- main function is a scientist (the kind that loves creating viruses, poisons, venoms, etc.)
- She is an Insecticon
- 8 orange optics (all of them can open and close, but only two have her "iris and pupil" - those are her main optics)
- all of her optics have a blue triangle in the bottom corner furthest from the center of her face)
- her armor is mostly brown and black with very little blue and grey
- "skin" is light/medium grey
- she is a little taller than TF:A Bumblebee, shorter than Prowl
- The majority of the brown armor has a rather this layer of fur (which is soft and fluffy!, but great camouflage in organic scenery)
- transforms into a jumping spider (small, jumps very high, and is dangerous)
- easily excitable and cheerful (unless she's in a foul mood, like Fang being uncooperative or a deal gone wrong)
- always on high alert (despite her cheerfulness, she's been living on her own for too long)
- loves Silver Fang like a mother (which Fang has almost declared herself as)
- friendly
- only allows those she trusts completely touch her fur (so far, only Fang, Grif, and Phee - the last two because Fang trusts them)
Important info:
- her venom, the one she naturally produces, can and will destroy the internal system of any bot (usually only paralyzes from damage done, but it can kill anybot with a certain amount)
- she was captured and tortured by Decepticons, but refuses to hate them all for what a few did
- the reason she doesn't allow most from touching her fur is because it has been used as a weakness
- she's doesn't hate groups, just certain bots who do her or her family/friends/business wrong
Main Weapons:
- in bot form, her stinger (from her spider form) turns into a sickle and chain with poison running inside it (she's able to automatically change what kind of poison/virus/venom in it) (mainly uses this in both forms)

Basically, for the four above, they are like a family. Silver Fang took on the role of mother for all of them, since Spintrap never really had a family and the twins can't remember theirs or they refuse to. (Even if the twins are older than Fang, she is mentally older than them from years of battle and the such)
The next mech knows the four above, but is not friends with them

Timelapse Timelapse Profile - WIP by BlondeFromHell
- mech
- also goes by Time
- 27 years old
- an Autobot
- He works as both a musician and a spy (the neutrals, like Silver Fang and Spintrap, have had plenty of experience with him and don't like him)
- He is a communications officer (Communications officers take on the tasks of spying, information gathering, and message carrying to and from places)
- due to an accident in his past, Timelapse's optics are permanently damaged (he's blind), so the color of them is unknown
- he wears a visor that glows mainly a lime green (with emoticon expressions to express better) that helps him see, but it can change colors depending on his mood
- multiple scars peak out beneath his visor
- his armor is mainly light and dark purple and grey
- "skin" is a light grey
- a tad shorter than Ratchet from TF:A, taller than Prowl
- Transforms in a stealth jet (F-117 Nighthawk)
- terrified of being alone
- observant (in the hearing sense)
- respectful
- protective of loved ones
- friendly
- curious
- fairly relaxed
- gentle
- loyal
- unconsciously blunt
- easily embarrassed
Important info:
- When he's asked about his screen visor, or the scars that peak out from under it, he avoids the question by making up a story.
- he is really funny when he's angry, 'cause he's just sassy and sarcastic.
- he has a bit of a southern accent
- his optics and his right arm were destroyed in a serious accident, but he tends to avoid that topic
- both his arm and visor were built and designed specially for Timelapse by the Doctor, (hence the energy based weaponry and the very same mech who experimented on his own daughter, Silver Fang)
- he hates loud explosive sounds, which remind him of the accident (loves music, though)
Energy crossbow (apart of right arm)
- Energy Whip (comes from palm of right arm)
- a guitar Ax, which is also an actual ax
- EMP grenades
Key for his visor colors:
- Lime/Bright Green is normal
- Dark Red is anger
- Bright Red is immense embarrassment
- Pink is embarrassment
- Dark Blue is sorrow
- Light Blue is happiness
- Yellow is surprise
- Orange is joy / excitement
- Purple is confusion / random
- Dark Green is jealousy / disgust
- White is no emotion (if captured, he'd revert to this)

Any who! Comment below if you want to RP, what character(s) you're using, and what character of mine you want me to rp as!
((I can roleplay at least two at a time too... the duos: "Grif and Phee" OR "Fang and Spin"... Time is forever alone  :XD:))

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